Thursday, 29 November 2018

Works and Awards



Kandiline maailm (Square World) 2000

Kaantega viin (Wrapped Vodka or Folded Vienna or I Take with Covers) 2004

Katedraal Emajões (Cathedral in Mother River) 2006

Eesti vaarao (Estonian Pharaoh) 2013

Kuidas peab elama (How Should We Live) 2014

Tünsamäe tigu (Snail from Tünsamäe) 2015

Hõbehundi laulud (Songs of a Silver Wolf) 2020


Kastraat Ontariost (A Castrato from Ontario) 2005

Kosmos (Cosmos) 2008 in Estonian, 2013 in Bulgarian (Космос)

Serafima ja Bogdan (Serafima and Bogdan) an epic novel published 2017 in Estonian, 2019 in Russian

Õitsengu äärel (On the Brink of Bloom), 2020 

Other Prose

Kanepi kirik (Ganja Church or The Church of Kanepi Village) 2002 (a book of short stories)

Kaadrid otsustavad (Shots Decide) 2007 (a comedy book)


Minu Brüssel (My Brussels) 2011


Elise Rosalie Aun Literary Prize 2018.

Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Award for Prose 2018 (Kirjanduse sihtkapitali proosaauhind), for the novel Serafima and Bogdan

Viru Literature Prize (Virumaa kirjandusauhind) 2018, for the novel Serafima and Bogdan

First Prize, Estonian Novel Competition 2017, issued by Estonian Writers’ Union, for the novel Serafima and Bogdan

Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Award for Poetry 2016 (Kirjanduse sihtkapitali luuleauhind), for the poetry book Snail from Tünsamäe

Go Travel Travelogue Award 2012 for My Brussels

The Writer of Estonia 2010 (Eesti Kirjanik 2010), awarded by Juhan Liivi Selts (Juhan Liiv Society)


Honorary Citizen of Peipsiääre parish (with a badge of honor) (link)

Grants and International Events

Norwich (UK), Writer in Residence, March 2020

Tartu linnakirjanik (Tartu City Writer) Grant by the City of Tartu, 2019

"Ela ja sära" ("Live and Reverberate") Grant by Estonian Cultural Endowment for 2018-2019

Hans-Werner-Richter-Stiftung, Internationale Autorentagung „Junge Literatur in Europa“ in Greifswald, Germany, November 2018

Mazzano Romano (Italy) stipend for January 2015 by Väino Tannerin Säätio

Suceava Poetry Festival, Romania, August 2008

First Novelists' on Budapest International Book Festival, 2007

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