Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Armenian haikus

Discovered some stuff from 2011. Greetings to my Armenian friends!

whoosh plane in air gap
close your eyes and think
of armenia

hey armenia
i see your rocky shores
island on dry land

abovyan street in
every rome you ever go
virgil of the west

comfortable night
young moon upside down in sky
five stars on bottle

soviet nightmare
porsches circling yerevan
the germans are here

of internal combustion

island on dry land
coconuts and suffering
late to ark again

hefty hotel bill
empty street on rainy night
reminds me of home

compass made of gold
houses high in babylon
noa learns to swim

trout in lake sevan
noa’s ark is full of tourists
can you feed them all

snow on ararat
fourth thursday of november
do you eat turkey

yassir arafat
did you ever know how close
is your name to sky

the tap is dribbling
soviet appartment block
fills with lake sevan

slowly up the road
uaz gaz lada and paz
heaven awaits you

smiling redhead monk
tell me where is god these days
in your burning beard

dried fruit in market
big nation in small package
lasts long if you try

a book of 30 kilos
our words like wind

elegant zig zag
constellations I can’t name
beauty of your alphabeth

sandals lost in time
clapping early morning by
urartu highway

magnitude of love
mighty moves of mother earth
mountains standing still

on these nights you can
hear the ocean calling you
fish in lake sevan

how many stars from
the armenian sky did
you drink ararat

eyes have seen too much
belly full of memories

all roads lead to rome
but if you drive in circles
you are always there

mountains around you
learn to swim in tuff and rock
robinson for life

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